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Infinity Hotel St. Peter

Au coeur de Rome

Hygiene and safety mandatory values Hygiene and safety are essential values for our hotels. The quality of the service is a prerogative that we cannot renounce. Especially in this difficult moment in which everything seems to have stopped we have acted to ensure that when the storm is over we will already be standing and ready to welcome you again.
For this reason, we have planned deep disinfection and sanitization of all the rooms and environments of our facilities and we have invested in cutting-edge technologies to offer only the utmost care and cleaning. Our cleaning standards have risen further and we can only expect the best for those who trust us.
Our Housekeeping and cleaning procedures, already highly appreciated by our Guests, have been exponentially elevated thanks to steam disinfection tools, natural, non-harmful, free of aggressive chemical agents, which ensure maximum hygiene.
We look forward to seeing you soon.

Au coeur de Rome,
vous accueille, dans une ambiance
moderne et raffiné,
l’Infinity Hotel St Peter


Vos chambres à quelques pas de Saint-Pierre


Nous sommes toujours à votre disposition
prêt à satisfaire toutes vos demandes

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Chambres romantiques et modernes
pour garantir le maximum de confort.

Les chambres ont une atmosphère harmonieuse et relaxante,
meublé dans un style moderne
extrêmement spacieux, plein de confort

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Au coeur de Rome
Explorez tous les coins de la ville éternelle

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Infinity Hotel St Peter

Via Catone 34
00192 Rome, Italy
WhatsApp +39 331 19 75 278
Tél +39 0639735082
Fax +39 0639754358

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